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Real Time Call Intelligence Tools

Contact Center & Workforce Management Software Tools Giving You Better Productivity & Improving Customer Experience.

Unlocking hidden & unknown insights requires advanced data collection tools. Our portfolio of solutions gives you revenue generating & instant answers, now.

Elevated is leading the way with dynamic real-time contact center solutions, giving you the ability to collect and analyze data in real-time. Gone are the days of waiting for Call Detail Records (CDR) to generate post-call or billing cycle. Combined with our holistic analytical tools, you have the ability to:


  • Save Subscribers | Grow Your Subscriber Base, Stop Watching Retention Drop
  • Increase Sales | Reach Prospects Never Captured By Your CRM or Network Tools
  • Close Emergency Services Gaps | Ensure Those Requiring Critical Help, Get Help, Quick
  • Volume Management | Identify Overloaded Systems and Route Calls to Optimal Centers
  • Promotions Impact | Watch Live, the Impact of New or Existing Promotions & Shift Tactics Before Threats Emerge

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Easy Installation & Implementation of Software Platforms


Our tools are easy to use and easy to install. In most cases, minimal IT support is required with installation taking place beyond the demarcation point, giving you complete control over the data collection process and most importantly, your security. With complete peace of mind, we’ll quickly assess the impact Elevated can have on your business.

  • Demonstration of our Tools
  • Perpetual Licensing
  • Trial Period
  • Scaled Launch

We Create Measurable and Actionable Plans Delivering ROI


Where the guessing stops and foresight begins. That’s the Elevated motto. Solving complex business problems requires experienced and expert resources. That’s why Elevated’s 20 years’ of experience is delivering elevated results.

With our unique ability to combine our software and data collection process with our human and machine learning capabilities, we have the answers today, to tomorrow’s challenges. With our advantage to predict anticipated risks and strategic changes based on the data we see, we’re making recommendations based on facts, all the facts.

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Our Tools Capture & Delivery Real-Time Call Detail Records & Analytics


The ability to engage with clients and customers in near-real time of them not reaching your centers can make a material impact on your bottom line. Couple this data collection process with our ability to synthesize the holistic impact on some or all business groups, we’re taking the lead to bring you cutting-edge solutions with data now, not tomorrow.