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Business Development

Earning You a Seat at the Table & Defining the Right Strategy for Business Growth Encompasses Our Many Disciplines—Get Aggressive, Get Elevated.

Our experience covers all vantage points of the evaluation & business development processes. We uniquely have been seated at both ends of the table, giving us the ability to not only consider what the other side may be considering, but know what they are thinking and will likely need and require.  For your business growth, we can launch Mystery Shops, Sales Evaluations, Micro-Surveys and more.

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With over 20 years of cross-functional experience, we know what the business teams are looking for, let us guide you through your next growth strategy or how to refine your message to win a key contract. At Elevated, our team does it best, giving you the required expertise to make that next big deal.


We can devise a plan that exceeds shareholder expectations and help your business jump off the charts or just into the waters.

We know charting a course for developing your business can be complex. Our team can assist streamlining and analyzing your proposed business plan, ensuring your strategy is poised for success. We can also define your strategy and optimize virtually any existing program.  If you’re seeking an edge over your competitors, Elevated can assist.


Facing some of the biggest company’s globally, We know how success is built and maintained and will give you the Foresight you can use to bring your ideas to life.


From launching comprehensive sales evaluations, video-surveys, micro-shops or service visits, we have an ecosystem of data collection tools to capture your experiences.

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The RFP/RFQ process is an exciting way to enhance your business reach. Because we specialize in our Supply Chain and Procurement services, we have a special vantage point to give your business a leading edge in participation of these award and bidding processes.


Entry is not easy and Elevated can strategize to provide your business with the tools and winning tactics and strategies for outperforming the rest. We can guide your team across this often highly competitive landscape or joining you step-by-step. We only know success and will guide you into a new & exciting realm of proposal navigation.